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About the course

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Bachelor of Technical Education (Information Technology) Program is offered by Kathmandu University School of Education (In collaboration with School of Engineering) in partnership with Aspire College, Biratnagar.

B Tech. IT (Information Technology) is a pioneer competent bachelor program. The purpose of the Bachelor of Technology Education (B Tech. Ed.) (Information Technology) is to prepare individuals for careers in the private and public sector at the level of instructor, teacher, trainer, or professionals in technical and vocational education subject areas. The students enrolled will be “learning-by-doing“. Salient features of the program are: real world learning, globally competent program, vocational subjects encourage the best placements of the students in the reputed organizations, practical and effective learning for students with competency-based evaluation criteria, and to promote national and international market-based evaluation criteria, and to promote national and international market-based curriculum with intensive practical based learning.


Nepali or non-Nepali national with minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 12 with CGPA 1.8 or more or A minimum score of second division marks in 10+2, PCL or equivalent in any disciplines.

Course Curriculum

The Teaching Profession 3 Credit
Principles and Methods of Technical Instruction (2) 2 Credit
Information System 3 Credit
Software Development 3 Credit
Computer Programming Using C 3 Credit
Prodessional Issues in IS Practices 2 Credit
Mathematical Concepts for Computing 3 Credit
General English 3 Credit
Instructional System Design (2) 2 Credit
Object Oriented Programming 3 Credit
Creativity and Innovation 2 Credit
Computer and Network Technology 3 Credit
Probability and Statistical Modeling 3 Credit
Computer Networks 3 Credit
Educational Psychology 3 Credit
Instructional Skills (I) 2 Credit
Python Programming 3 Credit
System Analysis and Design 3 Credit
Database System 3 Credit
Software Engineering 2 Credit
Cloud Computing 2 Credit
General Nepali 3 Credit
Instructional Skills (II) 2 Credit
Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3 Credit
Principles of Internet Technologies and Web Applications 3 Credit
IT Project Management 2 Credit
Research Methods for Computing and Technology 2 Credit
Advanced Database Management System 3 Credit
Curriculum Development 3 Credit
Designing Occupational Curriculum (2) 2 Credit
TVET Ecosystem in Nepal (2) 2 Credit
Management Information System 2 Credit
Web Engineering 3 Credit
Advanced Software Engineering 3 Credit
System Network Administration 3 Credit
Professional IT Project – I 3 Credit
Measurement and Evaluation 3 Credit
Training Methodology (2) 2 Credit
Assessment in TVET (2) 2 Credit
Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting 2 Credit
Internet of Things (IOT), Concepts and Applications 2 Credit
Artificial Intelligence 2 Credit
Entrepreneurship 3 Credit
IT and the Environment 2 Credit
Educational Research 3 Credit
Materials Development in TEVT (2) 2 Credit
Internship – Teaching/Training 6 Credit
Professional IT Project – II 3 Credit
Enterprise Development 2 Credit
Internship – Work-based Learning 6 Credit
Educational Research Project (3) 3 Credit